"Translation is not just about knowing the right words for things in another language; it is about transposing ideas between languages, and knowing how to shape the expectation that these words create." - Timothy Brook -

It’s all about transposing ideas from Dutch to English. That’s exactly what To the Letter’s specialty is, transmuting the source language into the target language, while adhering to great detail. From the word ‘go’, To the Letter has stayed true to its name.

Commissioning a translation project

What you need to do first is to find out how many words your document contains, as rates are based on the number of words. The rates can range from 15 cents to 25 cents per word, excluding VAT, depending on the type of translation required. Legal documents, such as diplomas or official papers for immigration, need to be translated by a sworn translator , and these translations cost more than regular documents. Once the words have been counted a quote can be drawn up indicating how much you will be charged.

How to receive a quote

Please send your text digitally in an e-mail attachment so that Michelle can make an estimate of the costs and determine how long it will take to complete the assignment. If the translation needs to be done under time constraints, more will be charged. Michelle is familiar with translation software tools such as Wordfast, which create a database memory, and which can, in the end, save you both time and money if you decide to place repeat orders in the future.

What are your special requirements!

Please answer the following questions when you send your request in an email message

  • Why the text has been written (the purpose)?
  • Who will read the text (the readership)?
  • When should it be ready (the deadline)?
  • How many words does the document contain (the rate charged)?
  • Which spelling do you prefer (US, UK or international variant)?
  • What style will you use? (formal or informal)

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