Text editing

Finding it tough to write in English? Itís hard to get ahead in the world of global business or when trying to publish your research articles in high ranking journals. Itís even harder when you have to communicate in a language other than your own. Thatís why it makes sense to have your texts edited by a professional native speaker. To the Letter understands which issues you are coping with when trying to... read more >


"Translation is not just about knowing the right words for things in another language; it is about transposing ideas between languages, and knowing how to shape the expectation that these words create." - Timothy Brook -

Itís all about transposing ideas from Dutch to English. Thatís exactly what To the Letterís specialty is, transmuting the source language into the target language, while adhering to gre... read more >


Michelle Mellion, your language trainer, has taught English for almost 30 years to all ages and nationalities. She knows how to engage her students in conversation and how to encourage them to express their feelings, ideas and opinions in English.

Depending on your level of English proficiency, (See http://europass.cedefop.... read more >