Text editing

Finding it tough to write in English?

Itís hard to get ahead in the world of global business or when trying to publish your research articles in high ranking journals. Itís even harder when you have to communicate in a language other than your own. Thatís why it makes sense to have your texts edited by a professional native speaker. To the Letter understands which issues you are coping with when trying to write in English. Michelle Mellion, your language expert, will take your text and transform it so that the result is a text you can be proud of. You will earn the respect of your colleagues, supervisors and customers. No more worries about whether youíve used the right word or got the grammar right. Itís all taken care of. From books to articles, from websites to brochures, To the Letter knows how to make a text reader-friendly and get it to flow.

How much will it cost?

Just send the text you would like to have edited digitally as an e-mail attachment, after having filled in the response form and an estimate will be made of the costs involved and returned to you by e-mail. First Michelle Mellion needs to gauge how much time it will take her to edit and proofread your text. You will be charged an hourly rate which could range anywhere from between EURO 50 to 65, excluding VAT. Reductions can be given when texts are voluminous, such as books and dissertations. However, if the job has to be done in a rush, it will cost you a bit more. After viewing the text, and perhaps after discussing the assignment over the phone, To the Letter will provide you with a clear indication of the cost. To the Letter tackles articles on a wide range of topics, from female ethnicity to border-town crossings. Michelle is familiar with many different fields and she is eager to learn more about your field. Communication with the author is the key to successful texts in English.†